Supermarket expands in the region

APOLÓNIA SUPERMARKET, in Almancil, is expanding by opening a new store in Galé, Albufeira,  this summer.

Despite the expansion of the supermarket over the years, it still remains a family-run company owned by Avelino Apolónia and the new store in Galé is just part of the future plans.

They are hoping to open two more stores in the Algarve and there are even discussions about opening in the outskirts of Lisbon, around Cascais and Estoril.

Around 4.5 million euros has been invested in the expansion project in Galé, as well as a new distribution centre and storage facility. The plans coincide with Apolónia celebrating 25 years in business.

The supermarket officially celebrated its silver anniversary on Sunday but there have been a number of events taking place throughout the week involving live demonstrations and tastings.

On Monday, Loulé Câmara President Seruca Emídio attended the opening ceremony of the celebrations, as did Albufeira Câmara President, Desidério Silva.

Throughout the week, chefs were on site to show off their skills using the products on sale and allowing shoppers to sample their cooking.

Events such as these are due to continue until tomorrow (Saturday), when the Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs of the Algarve and the Association of Barmen of the Algarve will be at Apolónia to give demonstrations.