“Super judge’s” dog poisoned in a suspected act of revenge

Threat || In the latest suspected act of revenge against Portugal’s ‘super judge’ Carlos Alexandre – who is in charge of a number of high-profile corruption and tax fraud cases, the latest of which has seen former PM José Sócrates kept in preventive detention – his dog has been poisoned and died last week.

Sábado magazine reports that the dog became ill and suffered “weeks of agony” after eating “some kind of food mixed with rat poison” that was thrown into the judge’s yard.

It is believed to be the latest threat made against the judge that has taken on high-profile cases such as ‘Operation Furacão’, ‘Operation Marquês’ (involving José Sócrates’ arrest) and the Golden Visa scandal (see related stories at www.portugalresident.com).

In previous incidents, there have been two attempts to run over his wife, while his house was broken into and a gun left by the photographs of his children.

The judge has now been placed under police protection.

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