Judge Carlos Alexandre

‘Super judge’ Carlos Alexandre moves to Lisbon Court of Appeal

After 20 years in Lisbon’s central criminal court(TCIC), overseeing some of the most high profile cases filling the media, 62-year-old judge Carlos Alexandre – frequently referred to by the tabloid press as ‘superjudge’ – is moving to Lisbon’s Court of Appeal. A note issued by the Superior Council of Magistrature says he will start hearing cases there from September. Judge Alexandre is also one of five candidates for the job of Portuguese prosecutor at the European Prosecutor’s Office. In his time at TCIC, he oversaw dossiers like Operation Marquês (later dismantled by his TCIC colleague Judge Ivo Rosa), Face Oculta, BES/ GES, EDP, Monte Branco and Operation Hurricane, among others, say reports – neglecting to point out that arguably some of the biggest have not yet been fully settled. Some haven’t even gone to trial.