Super Bock takes mileage out of Eurogroup president’s “alcohol and girls” jibe

Portuguese beer manufacturer Super Bock clearly thinks Eurogroup president Jeroen Dijsselbloem needs to lighten up.

After his inflammatory remarks about ‘southern countries’ in the German press last week (click here), Super Bock decided to get some mileage out of the echoes of indignation.

Sending Dijsselbloem a case of beer, with glasses (‘copos’ in Portuguese, a word that can be used for either glasses, or alcoholic drinks), the company has seen its cheeky posts proclaiming “We spend everything on drinks!” going viral as beer-drinkers and others seeing the fun side of life poke fun at Dijsselbloem’s expense.

According to reports, the ‘package of large dimensions’ marked ‘fragile’ has been dispatched to Dijsselbloem in Belgium by Correio Azul (express post) and now it only remains to discover how he reacts…

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Photo: Facebook/Super Bock