Sun’s magnetic field to reverse

The sun’s magnetic field will be reversing completely in the coming months, resulting in a change of positions between the north and south poles of the star, according to a recent report by NASA.

The phenomenon is believed to bring repercussions all across the solar system. The alterations in the sun’s magnetic field could modify the Earth’s climate by changing the amount of cosmic and ultraviolet rays that reach the atmosphere, thought by some scientists to affect cloudiness, and could cause disruptions to satellite and radio communications

This reversing process is part of a natural cycle which takes place approximately every 11 years. During the reversal, the magnetic field weakens and becomes more variable, before the north and south poles interchange.

The heliosphere, the region where the sun’s magnetic influence can be felt, extends billions of kilometres beyond Pluto and will even be felt by the Voyager probes at the solar system’s periphery.