Sunday’s Covid bulletin: 4 deaths, 193 new cases, 349 recoveries

Today’s Covid bulletin shows the lowest number of new cases recorded in a 24-hour period since last August. But it is a Bank Holiday weekend so it is possible this has more to do with a general go-slow at testing centres. Otherwise there have been 349 so-called ‘recoveries’ from the virus, with five more people in hospital than numbers recorded in Saturday’s bulletin. DGS health authority fixation on the ‘rising’ Rt (transmission) number remains. A diagram published in Diário de Notícias today puts the Algarve in the ‘yellow’ box of the risk matrix (ahead of every other region in the country), meaning that although it is an area where deaths and virus numbers have been low all through the pandemic, it is suddenly ‘high risk’ due to a recent outbreak in Portimão. This outbreak, nonetheless, is being rigorously controlled.