Sun shines on Algarve bowlers and competition get tenser

Tuesday, February 5 was the deciding game for the Cameron Cup. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, a fitting end to what has been a very enjoyable competition.

Alvor won two points from Valverde, winning four; Balaia won two points from Floresta winning four points, and Albufeira winning four points from Pedras. This makes Albufeira the top team, winning on 19 points after five games. Alvor and Valverde each held onto 18 points each, making it a close-fought battle to gain the silverware. Balaia were the strong team holding up the league from the bottom with seven points.

Thursday, February 7 was another Super 10’s Competition. Another Algarvian sunny, warm day. Games took place but, unfortunately, the week’s results have been delayed due to illness. Updated results next week. With only three more games to play in the competition, it will be close for the teams at the top of the table.

Saturday, February 9 was our League games. Only two more games until the close of the season. It is becoming tense for all clubs. Floresta Foresters won all eight points from Tavira Tigers; Alvor Scorpions took six points from Valverde Vipers who won two points; Pedras Panthers won two points from Valverde Vulcans who won six points; and Albufeira Cats took five points from Floresta Rangers who won three points. This changes the table of League A, with Floresta Foresters top holding 67 points, Albufeira Cats slipped into second place on 65 points, and Valverde Vulcans chasing closely on 64 points; Tavira Tigers the strongest team on 29 points.

League B, and Floresta Huntsmen won all eight points from Balaia Pods; Balaia Whalers took six points from Alvor Rooks who won two points, and Valverde Vikings won six points from Alvor Amigos winning two points. Alvor Greens were the resting team this week. Table B shows Alvor Amigos at the top on 51 points, with both Floresta Huntsmen and Valverde Vikings chasing closely behind on 50 points each. Alvor Rooks are the strongest team on 26 points.

The latest games are currently taking place to decide which players will be going through to the semi-finals and maybe the finals of the Inter-club competitions. Everyone is looking forward to the presentation evening when all medals and silverware will be awarded at the end of March.