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Sun salutations help raise thousands for charity

A Saluting for Charity event organised by the Lulushanti Yoga group at Breeze restautant in Vale do Lobo on May 27 has raised more than €6,400.

In total, 56 participants, 46 adults and 10 children, joined together to salute for charity.  

Lulu (Luisa McKay) said: “The stillness and beauty of the event was truly special. Thank you to all who came along to share the day with us.

“With all your kind and generous donations, we will be able to give just over €1,570 to each charity.” Charities to benefit from the event are Little Miracles which supports children with special needs, CASA which supports underprivileged families, the elderly and the homeless, Canil de São Francisco de Assis and Refúgio dos Burros (The Donkey Sanctuary) which rescue abandoned animals and help find good homes for them.

Next year the Saluting for Charity event will be expanding globally. Centres around the world will be joining in on the same day to raise money for their local charities.

“So far, we have centres in the UK, Italy, USA, India and Hong Kong becoming involved, and we are planning to contact more countries. We will create a wave around the globe of Saluting on the same day,” said Lulu.

For more information about next year’s event email [email protected]