Sumol recalling bottles

DRINKS MANUFACTURER Sumol Group is recalling all 0.25 litre bottles of orange and pineapple juice from the market. The manufacturer believes an irregularity in the process of pasteurisation has caused a change to the level of gas pressure in the drink, and the flavour has also been altered.

The problem was detected three weeks ago, but the bottles continued to be sold. Last week, a restaurant owner in Lisbon experienced a problem with one of the products. “When I opened the bottle, the top hit me in the chest and ricocheted into my jaw,” António Araújo explained. “It looked like I was opening a bottle of champagne.”

The following day, the Authority for Food Safety and Economy (ASAE) collected samples of the product for analysis in their laboratory, where it was confirmed there was a problem that could have an impact on public health. Sumol alerted their clients about the irregularity, asserting that the “bottles should not be sold to consumers”.