Clear Sky and Sun

Summer weather, “winter sea” expected for Easter

National Maritime Authority advises caution near coastal areas

Portugal is expecting summer-like weather for the rest of this Easter week, with temperatures reaching up to 30ºC in some parts of the country.

The National Maritime Authority (AMN) has warned, however, that most beaches are still unsupervised and that going swimming at this time of year poses risks.

“It is important to know that the sea at this time of year is still a winter sea and poses a high risk,” AMN said in a statement, adding that strong tides, large waves and rip currents are all dangers that are “not signalled” outside of the official bathing season.

“The crushing majority of Portuguese beaches are not monitored at this time of year (…). As such, responses to emergency situations may take longer, which is why the population should adopt an adequate and responsible behaviour and not put itself at risk,” the maritime authority said.

Nonetheless, AMN says it will be reinforcing its surveillance of several beaches and coastal areas in order to alert people to avoid potentially dangerous behaviours.

The maritime authority has also released a list of recommendations:

  • Permanently watch children and do not let them wander, keeping them always close to an adult.
  • Avoid risky behaviours such as approaching the sea or walking on wet sand. Do not turn your back to the sea and always keep a safe distance to avoid being surprised by a wave.
  • If you witness any dangerous situation in the sea, do not enter and call for help using 112. 

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]