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Summer show at Corte-Real gallery

The exhibition will feature specially commissioned paintings by four respected female artists with wine from Barranco Longo and summer savouries provided by Chef Jonnie Pratt featuring as part of the opening weekend of July 16 and 17.

The four chosen artists share a common lifestyle as professional artists but their images differ greatly, both in subject matter and style. Sally Stafford presents soothing images of the countryside while Beth Richardson often paints aging doors and furnishings using a naïve painting technique.

Meanwhile, Laura Wright paints modern townscapes and character studies and Dutch artist Meinke Flessman creates subtle and muted pieces using unusual techniques. All the paintings by the four artists make up the summer show at the Corte-Real gallery.

There is also opportunity for guests to view Portuguese marble sculptures, bronze figures, handmade ceramics, lamps, decorative mirrors and art books.

During the opening weekend a small charge of €2 will be made and donated to the Algarve Cancer Association (ACA-AOA). A complimentary glass of wine is also being provided. At all other times entry to the gallery is free and it is open Thursday to Sunday between 11am and 5pm.

For further information about the show or the Corte-Real gallery, please call 918 980 199 or 912 737 762.