Summer music festivals cancelled, with tickets already purchased ‘guaranteed’ for better days

Instead of announcing the cancellation of festivals as their moment approaches, the government has taken the bull by the horns today and finally cancelled every single event planned in Portugal over the summer season.

This blanket ban – due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19 – covers all iconic events that usually see crowds descending on various parts of the country, spending money, filling hotels, guest houses and apartments and generally helping the country buzz through the sunshine.

As all news outlets admit, this news was expected.

Coming out of today’s Council of Ministers – the first such meeting since the end of the State of Emergency – it will nonetheless be a bombshell for promoters who only last week were beseeching the government for some kind of solution.

The only sticking-plaster offered – to all those who have already secured their tickets for Boom, Rolling Loud, Rock in Rio, Sudeoeste, Super Bock Super Rock and so many other raucous events up till September 30, is that these will guarantee entry to the next event, whenever it’s deemed safe enough for people to start bopping and bouncing in company again.