Summer madness on the EN125

Dear Editor,

Summer is just around the corner, meaning it is only a matter of time before the Algarve’s population doubles or trebles.

As a local resident, I’d like to take this chance and ask people to be especially careful when driving on the EN125 road this summer.

As many of your readers likely know, this infamous road has been linked to several fatal accidents over the past few years.

Some claim it is due to the road’s poor conditions and the A22 highway’s tolls; others say it is due to the Portuguese’s terrible driving skills.

Regardless of who is right, the truth is that the road becomes even more dangerous during the summer.

As tourists begin to clog up the road with their often understandably slower driving, many locals lose their patience and dangerously attempt to overtake those in front of them.

This often leads to lamentable accidents that could have been avoided with just a little more patience.

So whether you’re a resident like me or a visitor to the Algarve, please be wary while driving on the EN125.

A little extra attention and patience could go a long way in helping keep this summer’s accident toll down.

D. Sykes
By email