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Summer League Cup

Recent weeks have seen a number of special bowls day events taking place which have not only been successful in their own right, but have attracted a number of new players to the member clubs – long may that continue.

Last week, however, all minds were concentrated on the Summer League Cup as teams tried to cement their current positions or even improve them. Top of the table, Kestrels, secured a comfortable victory over bottom placed Larks by 43 shots to 28, repeating their earlier performance and taking 8 points to 2.

In second place, the Tigers did even better scoring very heavily against the Huntsmen to win by 60 shots to 19 and collect all 10 points.

Fourth place Doves lost a very close match with the Eagles 29 shots to 33, but their 4 points were enough to ease them into third place whilst the Eagles 6 points gave them a leg up as well.  Huntsmen, who were in third place, slipped to fifth.

So the current position is now Kestrels 53, Tigers 48, Doves 31, Eagles 30, Huntsmen 28 and Larks 20.

Alan Reynolds