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Summer chaos expected

Dear Editor,

We have just returned from a golf trip – flew in Friday morning, left early Monday morning and the whole toll thing is a joke.

We had no opportunity to pay as a) no one had any idea where a post office was; b) it was the weekend; c) nothing was open early Monday morning, so we had to settle with the car hire firm based on our recollection of where we entered and exited the A22.

They then worked it out and added a €5 tax charge – no idea what that was for and promptly put on an additional Visa charge of €12, two days after we got back.

I do have an apartment in the Algarve and will use the back roads to avoid the A22 in the future, but this will cause chaos in the summer when the tourists arrive and have a big impact in following years when people just won’t bother to come.

Why can’t the car hire companies have an annual season ticket and just add a flat fee to each car hire? One more item added to the never ending list of insurances surely won’t make that much difference and at least won’t trouble the visitors who are the lifeblood of the Algarve.

As they say – ‘you couldn’t write a book about it!’


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