Summer beach health plan

Accidents and injuries that occur at the beach during the summer months will be able to be treated on site as part of a special summer beach health programme by the Algarve regional health administration (ARS Algarve).

Between July 1 and September 15, there will be 32 beach health posts available across the Algarve, run jointly by ARS Algarve and the Red Cross.

A spokesman for ARS Algarve said: “The Algarve annually receives more than 5.5 million visitors, with two million visiting the region during the month of August. 

“This high number of visitors makes the provision of health care of particular relevance. It is necessary to meet the needs of all those who reside here and visit the Algarve and the goal of the Summer Plan is to enhance the health care of the region.”

The beach health posts will be open between 10am and 8pm from July 1, with all the 32 posts open until the end of August and 12 of these remaining operational until September 15.

During 2010, more than 37,000 incidents were treated at the beach health posts and this number is expected to rise this year to following the year on year growth trend of this service.

The posts are aimed at treating medical conditions associated with the beach and the summer including minor accidents, injuries from falls, fish and spider bites, heat stroke, sunburn and general ailments resulting from over exposure to the sun.

“The Summer Plan is fundamental for the Algarve to be able to create a safe and secure place for residents and visitors to come to, and contributes to the economic competiveness of the region as a tourist destination,” said the spokesman from ARS Algarve.

For more information about the summer beach posts, please call 289 889 900