Summer and Winter wines: learn how to differentiate

Summer and winter wines

Summer/Spring wines are a lot more refreshing than winter wines, and they are a lot lighter. On the other hand, winter wines are heavier and have a more complex taste. They are also a lot stronger. If you are a wine lover and you enjoy drinking wine, you will definitely be interested in knowing the difference between summer and winter wines.

While we believe every season is wine season, certain wines pair better with specific seasons and celebrations. Grape seasons and growing times vary, as do the dishes we eat at various times of the year. While your favourite wines might taste great regardless of what’s happening outside, others may be best paired according to specific months and seasons.

As you venture out on your wine journey, it’s critical to remember that there is no “one size fits all” wine for spring or winter. Because the weather and occasions you’ll enjoy wine for are varied, your wine selection can be as well.



Pairing your wine with the seasons

Spring wines

To many, the spring season represents a time of renewal and new beginnings. Therefore, appropriate spring wines will be light, refreshing and pleasant to sip while enjoying the overall newness of the season.

Rosé  wines  are generally mild and appropriate for spring drinking. They’re easy to keep on hand and to serve at a moment’s notice. As you consider spring rosé varietals, look for newer vintage wines created in the last two years — this favours the tradition of newness that spring creates. For parties and events that involve finger foods or lighter fare, rosés make an excellent companion.

Certain red wines may also be more appropriate for spring than others. For example, sweeter reds bring the taste of berries to the forefront.


Winter Wines

The winter season means more time spent indoors sampling rich and hearty foods and wines as the holidays and colder weather make their appearances or spending cosy evenings sipping your favourite wine in front of the fireplace. While there is no set answer on what wines are best to drink during winter, a good rule of thumb is to choose wines that will pair nicely with the rich textures and savoury flavours of the hearty meals that are often served during this season (reds and whites).

Winter wines are generally:

– Heavier and richer: When choosing a winter wine, it’s important to consider the types of food that you’ll be pairing them with. Winter foods tend to be heartier and contain more meat and fat so the wine you pair them with needs to be strong enough to stand up to and cut through the bold and savoury flavours. Winter wines are richer, full-bodied and more flavourful, making them the best complement to delicacies with the same characteristics.

– Served at warmer temperatures: Except for champagne, winter wines are typically served at warmer temperatures than summer wines, which are usually chilled to be more refreshing. The warmer serving temperature helps bring out the wine’s aromas and flavours and is more appropriate for drinking when the temperature outside is colder. Certain winter wines are also delicious when served hot, such as in mulled cocktails, which are perfect for keeping you warm during cold winter nights.

– Deeper in colour and less fruity: Since winter wines typically contain more tannins — the compounds that are derived from the skin, stems and seeds of grapes — they are usually deeper in colour. The higher concentration of tannins also causes the wine to have a more sharp and dry taste. While both warm-weather wines and winter wines possess fruity notes, those found in winter wines tend to be more earthy and less sweet.


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