Summer 2017 “the 6th hottest” since 2000

With the south of the country still praying for rain, weather authority IPMA has released a short bulletin on the three hottest months of this summer showing that 2017 was the “6th hottest summer” since the turn of the millennium, and the 9th since 1931.

It was also one of the driest, seeing almost every part of the country classified as in ‘extreme drought’.

Average maximum temperatures were 3ºC more than averages recorded since 1931, with average minimum temperatures above values recorded in 30% of the 86 summers on official registers.

2017 was also the 3rd driest since 2000 (the second driest being 2016, the driest being 2005) with “exceptional heat” being recorded for June.

All in all, there won’t be many people sorry that we’ve finally arrived at September, and the prospect of rain must be getting closer.

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