Screenshot on the technology developed in collaboration with Mr Weisshaar's company

Suicide father who murdered three-year-old son was “famous designer”

Further details have emerged about the appalling murder of a three-year-old boy supposedly by his father in a remote area of the Grândola hills.

44-year-old father Clemens Weisshaar was a “famous German designer”, say media reports today

He lived in the area in which hunters discovered the bodies yesterday – and was the subject of a police search after failing to deliver his little son, Tasso, back to his British mother Phoebe Arnold, described by London’s Evening Standard today as “a celebrity”.

The search however had not progressed to the point that any kind of wider bulletin had been issued.

According to tabloid Correio da Manhã GNR agents had searched an area around his home in the hills for a few days, but theories were that he had returned to Germany.

As is often exclaimed in these tragedies, people who knew Mr Weisshaar had no inclination that he could have done something so hideous – if this is what has happened.

CM explains the body of the child was discovered inside a burnt out car. Mr Weisshaar’s body was found close by, with a gunshot wound to the head.

The hunters who stumbled across the scene  in a ‘remote area of difficult access’ within Herdade da Ribeira Abaixo immediately contacted GNR police, who subsequently called in the PJ (judicial police), which in turn actioned forensic experts.

The bodies were not removed from the site until sunset last night. They will now be autopsied in order to fill in the blanks of this terrible story.

Mr Weisshaar appears to have had a joint company with fellow designer Reed Kram (see instagram @kram_weisshaar).

A recent article on a specially-constructed sports trainer marketed by Adidas says the technology behind the shoe was “developed in partnership with radical German design studio KRAM/WEISSHAAR”.

The article closes with the detail that the Futurecraft STRUNG shoe “is set to hit the market in early 2022. From there, as Weisshaar (and others involved) all agree, the sky is the limit for the revolutionary new technology”.

The Evening Standard’s story explains that Mr Weisshaar and Ms Arnold (“a well-known stylist whose clients were said to include Paloma Faith”) separated in July with Ms Arnold taking their son to live with her in Lisbon.

Ms Arnold’s mother has told the Mail Online that the family do not want to talk about the situation: “I’m sorry, it’s too distressing”, she is quoting as saying.

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