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Sudoku more interesting than trial


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A DRUG conspiracy trial being held in Australia has been aborted by the judge after it transpired the jurors had been playing Sudoku games while evidence was being given.

Sydney District Court Judge Peter Zahra ended the trial when he was alerted to some of the jurors writing vertically rather than horizontally. It had been assumed the jurors were taking notes, not playing games.

“It helps me keep my mind busy paying more attention.  Some of the evidence is rather drawn out and I find it difficult to maintain my attention the whole time and playing Sudoku doesn’t distract me too much from proceedings,” said the jury foreman.

The aborted trial had been running for 66 days when it was halted and the cost of the trial to taxpayers had already reached one million Australian dollars.

Robyn Hakelis, a lawyer for one of the defendants said: “It’s very disappointing the jurors weren’t giving our clients a fair trial.”

The two men on trial were both facing possible for life sentences for drug conspiracy charges. Their new trial is expected to begin again in a few weeks.

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