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Successful neutering campaign executed

Throughout the month of May a neutering campaign was carried out by the Municipal Kennel and Cattery of Lagos, which involved the castration of 146 animals.

The free neutering campaign aimed at male and female dogs and cats was implemented with the aim of controlling every growing animal population in the town.

Organised by the Municipal Câmara of Lagos, in collaboration with local veterinarians, the initiative carried out surgery on 50 dogs (34 females and 16 males) and 96 stray cats, during a five day period.

In comparison to the same operation carried out over 15 days last year which sterilised 141 animals, this year’s campaign succeeded expectations.  

In a statement to the Algarve Resident, the Lagos Câmara said: “We are very grateful to all veterinarians, assistants and other volunteers that made themselves available throughout this campaign. They demonstrated civic responsibility, which proved, once again, crucial to the success of this initiative and the welfare of animals involved.”