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Successful cosmetic surgery

THE AESTHETIC plastic surgery market is booming. The trend is moving away from major plastic surgery to smaller procedures which are just as effective.

According to Dr. Hartmut Brandau, a specialist in cosmetic surgery, the aim is to avoid the need for major face lifts by carrying out smaller, well targeted operations to the upper and lower eyelids, chin, as well as skin rejuvenation through peelings, micro-dermabrasion or laser therapy. Wrinkle smoothing, through the injection of fillers with substances such as collagen, hyaloron acid or our own fatty tissue, or the lifting of skin using the very popular botox injection, can offer improved facial expression and greater charisma.

The lifting of the eyelids, called blepharoroplasty, can produce amazing results. Drooping eyelids caused by the fatty deposits around the eyes, known as lacrimal sacs, give an impression of tiredness and fatigue. By lifting the upper eyelid, the facial expression becomes open and radiant. The operation, performed under local anaesthetic, is very low-risk and leaves almost no visible scars.


From an aesthetic point of view, the fatty deposit which causes a so-called double chin, can be very annoying. In this case, liposuction, possibly in conjunction with skin lifting – all done under local anaesthetic – can produce amazing results.

The concept of liposuction as a procedure is widely misunderstood. It is not a method to reduce body weight. It is, however, a method to model certain body areas susceptible to unwanted fatty deposits.

Men often suffer from fatty deposits caused by hormones. Stomach and sides can also be modelled by liposuction. However, the stomach area is often unsuitable, since the fatty deposit is often located deeper between the inner organs and not in the abdominal wall.

Liposuction of the stomach area in women, on the other hand, is a common and effective operation. Surplus skin can be removed at the same time by the so-called abdomino-plasty. Additionally, a correction of old unpleasant looking operation scars in the lower abdominal area can be accomplished at the same time.

All operations mentioned only require a local anaesthetic, an important factor in the decision making process for having plastic surgery. Beautiful pictures of patients following successful operations should not be the decisive factor in choosing a therapist, rather trust between therapist and patient developed during the consultation process when explanations are provided and objectives discussed.

Dr Hartmut Brandau practises at the German Medical Centre in Carvoeiro and specialises in cosmetic surgery, liposuction, eyelid correction and wrinkle therapy. Call 282 356 925 or 963 770 589.