‘Successful beyond my wildest dreams’

With over 265 stalls and 7,000 visitors, AFPOP’s recent Better Living in Portugal (BLiP) exhibition was so much bigger than in previous years, we didn’t have space to do it justice in last week’s Resident. Here are a few more highlights from the event.

Commander Ron Goddard, Chairman of the Royal British Legion, was particularly delighted with this year’s BLiP. “The exhibition has been successful beyond my wildest dreams. I first had the idea of having a Royal British Legion stand three years ago, when I first attended BLiP,” he explained.

“At that time, I met many ex-service personnel and I was sure it would be a great way to raise the profile of both the Portugal branch and the Algarve sub-branch of the Legion. Without the generous support of HQ in London, The Resident, the Hotel Garbe and the Algarve members, this weekend’s stand would not have been possible.

“A special thanks has to go to Taylor’s port for their offer of a free bottle of LBV port for each person who joined the Legion during BLiP. I am delighted to say that we have increased our Branch membership by 30 per cent with the addition of 49 new members. I welcome them as participants in our worthy cause.”