Stupidity of a tourist tax

Dear Editor,

Permit me the honour of replying to the article on the subject of tourist tax.

I have only one question to ask the honourable Camara President Manuel da Luz. Are you stupid?

You had the nerve to suggest that tourists to the region would have to pay one euro for the privilege of injecting money into your economy?

How would you tell the difference between tourists and residents? How would you impose this ludicrous notion?

Build a five-metre razor wire fence around your “prime destination” city with electronic gates that only open with the drop of a one euro coin?

Tourist taxes are counter-productive and will have the reverse affect on the economy, with even less people wanting to visit.

Senhor President, you need a reality check, my friend.

One more thing on reality. It has often been said that if the Arab countries didn’t have oil, they would still be riding around on camels selling dates.

Now to the Algarve. Could it be said that If it wasn’t for tourists visiting and Northern Europeans buying property here, the locals would still be riding around on donkeys selling oranges?

Ian Sheppard, By email