tile mural in Albufeira
Photos: Rui Gregório (CM Albufeira)

Stunning new tile mural unveiled in Albufeira

Mural created by local artist Célia Mendes

Albufeira has unveiled a new tile mural created by local artist Célia Mendes in the town’s Rossio area.

The stunning artwork is entitled ‘Al-Buhera’ after the town’s Arab name, meaning “castle of the sea likely due to its proximity to the ocean or the lagoon that formed in the town’s lower area,” explains the local council.

The 13×1,80m mural was created using 901 tiles, which depict some of the town’s most emblematic sights.


“The mural depicts the flight of a seagull over Al-Buhera, watching over some of the most impactful aspects of the town, namely Albufeira’s beautiful bay, where boats would collect the municipality’s local products (figs, almonds and carobs),” says the council in a statement to the press.

Also represented is Praia dos Pescadores (Fishermen’s Beach) and the fishermen who inspired its name, the “ancestral art of milling”, the Algarve’s ‘platibandas’ (one of the defining elements of the region’s architecture which can be found in many buildings), Albufeira’s traditional tiles, the town’s typical old houses, Praia do Peneco and the pediment of Igreja de Sant’Ana.

“The landscape, culture and heritage of Albufeira are things that set the municipality’s tourism sector apart and which should be preserved and valued,” said Albufeira mayor José Carlos Rolo.

“This is one of the many ways to do so, by preserving the memory and experiences of other times, and passing them onto the present and future generations of Albufeira and the countless tourists who visit the region,” Rolo added.

Local councillor Ricardo Clemente, who is in charge of Exterior Spaces and Renovations, said the goal of the project is to “embellish public spaces with elements which refer to our history and culture.”

The objective to is to make public spaces “more attractive, without losing sight of the cultural and historical memory” of the town.

The councillor added that similar initiatives are taking place elsewhere in the borough, also in partnership with regional artists.

By Michael Bruxo

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