Stuffed sweet potatoes

There are many reasons why you should roast sweet potatoes, whether it’s to cook a soup, whiz up a shake or bake a cake – sweet potato pure is easy to make!

And even when you reach that moment in time when you have become utterly fed up of just using the pulp, and wasting the skins, this is a recipe you can get used to.

Because sweet potatoes are so nutritious (plus it’s fashionable to eat this season), I bake them every week.

Nothing complicated about this: turn the oven on to 200°C, wrap each potato in foil (shiny part turned inside) and bake until soft to the touch (generally >40 minutes).

After this easy step, take out of the oven and let set. You can even put them in the fridge after they have cooled down, and not worry about them until the day after.

This recipe also uses up any leftovers you might have, plus it can become a very healthy thing to eat (depending on what you decide to stuff the potatoes with), whether as a quick lunch or an easy dinner.

▪ Whole sweet potatoes
▪ Leftovers (I used leftover braised tuna and mushrooms)
▪ Cheese (St. Jorge Island cheese)
▪ Aromatic herbs (rosemary)

Previously roast the sweet potatoes as instructed above. Cut in longitudinal halves and remove as much of the pulp as possible, without messing up the integrity of the skin.

Stuff with the leftovers and top with cheese. Slightly roast in a 200°C oven, until the cheese is melted and the stuffing is hot.

Serve with a light salad. In this case, I chose some thin carrot strips that can be easily done with a peeler, followed by putting these in cold water so they can slightly curl before serving. Season and eat!

By Megan Melling
Megan Melling’s journey into the food world started in 2011 when she decided to enrol in Cookery and Food Production in Estoril. She was born American, but grew up in the Algarve, so she gets the best of two opposite culinary cultures. She has worked as a cook in Lisbon for the past year and is currently in the process of opening up a gourmet project in Lagos. Check out all of her personal recipes on her blog and facebook page Mel’s Vittles for some yummy photos and food facts.