Study & Research Abroad portal launched to boost Portuguese international mobility

Tuesday saw the launch of the government’s “Study & Research Abroad” portal designed to help and protect students, researchers and teachers planning international mobility.

The idea is for the site to act as a roadmap, giving aspects including budgetary advice, details of what documentation is required and information of countries’ customs and rules.

The portal was presented in Lisbon by secretaries of state for the communities José Luís Carneiro and Science, Technology and Higher Education Maria Fernanda Rollo.

The event also served to give an update on “30 years of the Erasmus (school exchange) Programme in Portugal” that has already allowed the international mobility of over 200,000 students.

2018 is going to see Erasmus scholarships increased (by an average of 15%), with Portugal being the 8th destined most preferred in the programme.

Erasmus+ as the initiative is now dubbed involves 33 countries, including all 28 of the current EU, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Macedonia and Turkey.

In the academic year 2015/ 2016, 8705 students left Portugal and 12, 969 entered.

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