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Study into wellbeing of citizens

Dear Editor,

Sheffield University is undertaking a study into the wellbeing of citizens between the ages of 65 and 85 and a friend of long standing in the UK asked that I participate as his step-daughter Emma is a Researcher completing her PhD thesis within the study – which I was happy to do.

It then occurred to me that the Algarve has a substantial number of residents within the prescribed age group who also may like to take part.

The questionnaire can be undertaken online or, by paper upon application to the address within ‘Further Information’. It is in the usual multi-answer format requiring a Dot’ or Numeral to indicate a selected answer and takes about 25 minutes. Anonymity and discretion are assured. Both the questionnaire and information is available at:

Researcher: Emma Kirkby-Geddes [email protected]/uk

Having read the multitude of opinions on the variety of subjects that regularly appear in the Algarve Resident’s letters page, I would further ask that anyone who takes part in the study questionnaire to pass on any comments they may have regarding its suitability for purpose, either for or against, via the Algarve Resident letters page.

I have already passed my opinion on to my good friend and both he and I will be fascinated in reading what others think. Thanking you in anticipation.

Allan Roberts, By email