Students’ turn to celebrate 30 years

news: Students’ turn to celebrate 30 years

WITH THE help of the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) of St Dominic’s International School in São Domingos da Rana, senior school students recently dressed in 70s style clothing to celebrate 30 years of the school at its present location.

The highlight of the morning was when the whole school assembled on the sports area in a huge number 30 and a helicopter flew overhead to photograph them. We wonder how many will be around for the 50th anniversary?

The fashion show in the old gym will have many a student talking long through the holidays and well into next school term. The 70s style dancing got many students exercising muscles they didn’t know they had, while other activities, like juggling with fire and jousting, certainly got the students in the mood for the mouthwatering PTA barbecue.

The afternoon saw an assembly, which was both rewarding and sad: rewarding for those who had achieved great academic results and sad as the school bade farewell to a number of teachers, who will take their talents to other schools worldwide. Speaking on behalf of the leaving teachers, Richard Woods wished the school well for the future and read out remembrance remarks from each of the leaving teachers. Bob Hughes