Students to get ‘written warnings’ over prank that went wrong

Two undergraduates are to receive “written warnings” for their involvement in a student prank at Faro beach that left a 19-year-old “sick with alcohol poisoning” in hospital.

The case dates back to last summer.

The prank, known in Portuguese as a ‘praxe’, involved burying around 50 new students from the University of the Algarve up to their necks in sand while alcoholic drinks were poured down their throats. Biology student Ana Eloísa passed out.

The case has been going through all kinds of enquiries and legal tangles ever since.

In a statement sent to newsrooms today, the university said that a Public Prosecutor’s investigation determined that “no crime was committed” by those behind the drama.

It added that “many factors” led the prank to go wrong and that the situation was not as bad as some news sources suggested.

Thus the university has decided to simply hand out “written warnings” that will be included in the students’ personal files.

One of the students protested but the complaint has been overruled.

The university added that it kept silent during the enquiries to safeguard the identity of all those involved and allow the investigation to evolve smoothly.