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Students serve up food for thought

A seminar entitled ‘language, cognition and science in an international school’ was given at the Vilamoura International School (CIV) on June 6, where students presented ‘Investigation Projects’ that they had carried out throughout their academic year.

The presentation was conducted by Dr Cidália Ferreira Bicho, the Pedagogic Director of CIV, Dr Seruca Emídio, Mayor of the Municipality of Loulé, Dr Célio Conceição, professor at the University of the Algarve and Assistant Rector of academic subjects and secondary school, and by Dr João Valsassina, Pedagogical Director at Colégio Valsassina in Lisbon.

CIV’s Pedagogic Director stated at the seminar that: “The CIV Educational Project is the result of its 27 years of existence and, of course, the 25 years of leadership by Renato Costa (late Director of CIV who passed away in December).”

“This project focuses on strengthening the linguistic skills of mother tongue and foreign languages as well as the development of cognitive skills. The investigation projects are assignments that reflect the work of a unique team: CIV’s students, who contribute with effort and dedication; CIV’s teachers, who are committed and rigorous in their expectations, and the parents, who are believers and contributors in the success of this project.”  

Dr Seruca Emídio referred to CIV as producing “work worthy of reference, of quality and merit, a unique project that deserves praise and recognition”.

The Mayor also commended the “great team of teachers, auxiliary staff and the board of directors who have withstood the current times”.

Year 9 student’s, Claudia Zhu, Mariana Mendes, Matilde Caetano and Khira Blohm, demonstrated their ‘DNA extraction from strawberries’ project at the seminar, by mixing liquid strawberries, salt, water and cold alcohol and consequently showed the audience how DNA floats to the top, clearly visible as a white substance.

Another project, labelled ‘synthesising aspirin in organic chemistry’ was presented by Jasmin Cachoeiro, from Year 12, who allowed the audience to experience the aroma of aspirin that she had produced in CIV’s science lab.

Other multiple projects represented included ‘the political awareness of young adults,’ by 10º ano student, Diogo Serra, ‘volcanism in Azores,’ by 10º student, David Mendes, ‘rivers of the world,’ by 6º ano student, Rodrigo Faria, plus many others that explored various other subjects.

It is believed by CIV that Investigation Projects instil research habits, selection and organisation of information and establish a link between various subjects, which enables students to realise that anything around them can and should be researched.

Investigation projects at CIV are part of its philosophy and begin as early as Kindergarten.