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Students help animals as part of ‘freshman dues’

A group of freshers of the University of the Algarve’s Marine Biology course have donated over 40 kilos of much-needed supplies to animal association CIAA (Combate à Indiferença e Abandono Animal) as part of the induction dues, colloquially known in Portugal as ‘praxes’.

The idea, which is becoming something of a “course tradition”, came from third-year students, who carried out a similar initiative when they were in their first-year.

Students met with CIAA last month (September 23) and learnt first hand about the association’s work and the importance of animal sterilisation.

At the end of the meeting, the students donated over 30 kilos of dog and cat food and 10 kilos of cat litter.

The items were then delivered to a foster-family with known financial issues which cares for several dogs and cats rescued from the streets.

CIAA currently cares for 38 animals, many of which are “chronically sick or old” and are unlikely to find new families.

For more information about the Faro-Loulé operating association, visit