Students attacked in Vilamoura

Two students, a male and female both aged 16 from Vilamoura Colégio, were on a night out with their friends in Vilamoura, when they were the victims of two attempted muggings.  

The first incident occurred close to the popular Black Jack nightclub at around 1am, when two Portuguese men approached the teenagers demanding money. One of the teenagers responded in Portuguese, making it clear to their possible muggers that they were not tourists, and this prompted them to walk away.

Later that evening, the two were accosted again by two different Portuguese men, as they approached the taxi rank behind the Black Jack nightclub. One man threatened the male and held a knife to his throat, before robbing him of his wallet and mobile phone. The other man did not attempt to rob the female, but approached her and put his hand up her skirt. At this point, the pair started to scream, which, fortunately, scared the attackers away and they fled the scene.

The students described the four attackers as being in their 20s and under the influence of drugs. Local residents suspect that the four belong to a gang of young Portuguese muggers, who target unsuspecting tourists who do not know the area well.