String of fires that destroyed vehicles investigated in Faro

Polícia Judiciária (PJ) criminal police are investigating three separate fires that destroyed three cars, two motorbikes and an ‘ecoponto’ (recycling bin) in the Penha area of Faro in the early hours of Thursday morning (September 19).

Fires have destroyed other vehicles in the same area in recent months, which is raising concern among residents and has prompted PJ police to investigate whether the cases are linked.

The latest fires were all detected at around 4am and happened within the same one-kilometre radius.

One of the fires started inside a building where the two motorcycles were parked.

Speaking to Correio da Manhã tabloid, the owner of the bikes said that her nephews, who also live in the building, opened the door to their house and tried to go down the stairs but were unable to because there was “too much smoke”.

They had to ask for help from the windows of their apartment. Neighbours heard their cry for help and called the local firefighters who were able to quickly put out the flames.

“The apartment was left completely black and the motorbikes were completely destroyed. Now, who is going to pay for all the damage caused,” the owner of the bikes questioned.

Nearly at the same time just down the street, recycling bins were also destroyed by a fire which spread to a nearby car.

Two other vehicles were also destroyed in another blaze that started on a nearby street.

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