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Striding out in the East

Twenty members of the East Algarve Striders walking group took in a 14km trek through the forests and farms north of Almargem near Tavira on Tuesday.

Following the walk, the group enjoyed lunch at the Mestre Ciclista Restaurant by the Gilão River in Tavira.

The ad-hoc group meet every week and this coming Tuesday will be walking through the hills and valleys of Alcaria do Cume.

This is the highest point, 525m above sea level, in the East Algarve with magnificent views of the coast from the Spanish border to Faro.

The friendly group welcomes newcomers and particularly those on holiday. On Fridays, there are walks for those who want shorter distances (approximately eight kilometres) under the banner of the East Algarve Strollers.

For further information, please contact Janet Price at [email protected]