Strengthening Algarve’s wine identity

news: Strengthening Algarve’s wine identity

Algarve wine producers need to look for new market opportunities in order to strengthen the region’s identity in the sector.

This was the message of Desidério Silva, President of the Algarve Tourism Board, who recently met with Carlos José Brito Gracias, president of the Algarve Wine Sector Commission (Comissão Vitivinícola do Algarve).

In the first meeting between the two entities, it was agreed that Algarve wine could be an asset for the local economy and easily traded in the national market.

The need to promote Algarve wines to new clients was important as was the marketing strategy to do so.

Desidério Silva said it was time to update the guide to the region’s wines Guia de Vinhos do Algarve, which is published by the Algarve Tourism Board, and increase the number of wineries that are linked to the association developing the Algarve wine route, Associação Rota do Vinho do Algarve.

“We need to promote our wine identity as part of our gastronomic heritage and involve all partners,” said the president of the tourism board.