Strength in numbers

A TOTAL of 36 members of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce met in the Algarve recently to discuss plans for the international property shows taking place in Britain and the Irish Republic later this year.

The idea of the Property Group joining forces to promote Portugal was initially tried out in 2003, when the Portuguese Chamber organised a joint stand for Algarve members at six locations in the UK. Members, who agreed that the stand had been of good quality and successful in terms of contacts and enquiries generated, approved the initiative. They agreed that it has also played an important role in the promotion of residential tourism.

Director-General, Ronnie Price, told the delegate members how important the Algarve membership is to the Chamber. He explained that, for him, it is a natural partnership because the Portuguese Chamber, with its offices and contacts in the UK, is uniquely positioned to support its members, especially those involved in property tourism and allied services.

He also described the way in which the Chamber’s property show programme was evolving, with plans for a larger exhibition stand, covering not just the Algarve but the whole of Portugal, and aimed at promoting Portuguese lifestyle services alongside property. Future plans may also involve a dedicated Portugal pavilion, along the lines of the Viva España exhibition hall promoted by Spain. “It’s time we stopped hiding Portugal’s light under a bushel,” commented one attendee.