Strenghtening ties

news: Strenghtening ties

A protocol agreement to strengthen the relationship between Safe Communities Algarve and the GNR was signed on February 14.

In a press statement, the GNR said that after six months of launching the ‘My GNR’ initiative, the agreement would help reinforce collaboration between the two organisations via the SCA website, with regular information regarding crime prevention and the Safe Residence Programme being uploaded.

David Thomas, SCA president, said: “Safe Communities Algarve and the GNR have been working closely together for the last 15 months and the establishment of a protocol between the two organisations will further strengthen that relationship.

“The protocol, which was approved by the GNR General Command Headquarters in Lisbon, will enable both organisations to collaborate closer and develop new initiatives, which will benefit the community. We have already mapped out an extensive programme of joint seminars over the coming months. We will also examine new ways in which the crime prevention message can be disseminated and people encouraged to report suspicious activities.”

David went on to congratulate Coronel José Pimenta and his team for their successes in neutralising a number of criminal groups that have been active in the Algarve.