StreetLife launches into September with “Zip for a Snip”

StreetLife is a new East Algarve initiative to reduce the number of strays and abandoned animals on the streets through a programme of sterilisations, mainly helping local pet owners who may not have the funds to pay for their dogs to be sterilised.

The programme is called ABC (animal birth control) and is based on similar initiatives in other countries.

StreetLife is being launched on Friday, September 1, with a “Zip for a Snip” sponsored Zipwire event across the Guadiana river to raise money to pay for sterilisations. The event is also supported by afpop EA, the East Algarve branch of the foreign residents’ association, and other animal welfare associations.

Graeme Cree, one of the founders, and many other supporters are zipping on the day to raise money for the cause.

“Litters of puppies from unsterilised pets are a particular problem because many pet owners will not put them to sleep, preferring to dump them in waste bins or at shelters to get rid of the problem,” he said.

StreetLife is “delighted” that APAA, the association for the protection of animals in the Algarve, is also participating on the day. “APAA carry out wonderful work based in and around Silves, whereas StreetLife will be concentrating on the East Algarve,” said co-founder Linda Cree. “We have also spoken to other organisations such as SOS Algarve Animals who do similar work elsewhere.”

StreetLife is now also focusing on another sister project – StreetEyes. “We need to have eyes on the streets in towns and villages to identify local neighbours who may need our support to get their pets sterilised,” she said, adding that the owner is always asked to make a contribution to the sterilisation of their pet, based on their circumstances. StreetLife pays the vet directly and money is not given to the pet owner.

“The aim is for all of us to work together as a team to reduce the number of unwanted puppies on the streets and in the shelters.”

Participants should meet in Alcoutim at 10am. The Zipwire experience (€18 per person from the Spanish side to Alcoutim over the Guadiana River) is followed by lunch at O Rio Restaurant in Alcoutim (zip plus lunch: €35).

If you would like to participate (advance bookings are required since numbers are limited), either as a zipper or a spectator, or as a StreetLife volunteer, contact:

912 071 055 | [email protected]