Street talk with a different topic

news: Street talk with a different topic

THE NEW trend for Sintra and Cascais is not dancing in the street but, rather, talking in the street, thanks to the Associação Conversas de Rua.

The association, a private institution which was set up in 2000, is deploying its team to the nightspots within the boroughs in order to talk to nightlife lovers about the risks associated with the consumption of alcohol and drugs. The project is being developed in conjunction with the two câmaras and, so far, the feedback from both clubbers and nightclub owners is said to be “positive”.

The objective of the project, says Hélder Santos, one of the leaders of the association, is to “establish direct contact with the people at the leisure venues and create a trusting relationship, which we hope can help bring about a change in behaviour and attitudes.” In order to realise their aims, the ‘educators’ distribute leaflets relating to the problems of drugs and T-shirts featuring messages on the theme of safe sex.

But it is not only bars and nightclubs that are receiving the attention of the group; Boom Festival, a large trance party, has also experienced the Association’s new brand of ‘street talk’. One Boom attendee explained: “It can only be good to have these issues being discussed on the streets. I think it’s a fantastic idea.”