Jardim das Águas Vivas, Portimão, work by Gonçalo MAR

Street artists to bring colour to Portimão’s ‘dull walls’

Two street artists will be turning grey and dull walls in Portimão into colourful works of art this month.

Portuguese visual artist and illustrator Kruella D’Enfer will be the first to get to work this Thursday (April 22), promising to bring some life to the grey wall that runs along Portimão’s Cardosas entrance.

Says the local council, the artist will integrate the “natural elements that exist along the section of the wall” into her works.

Meanwhile, Portuguese artist Gonçalo MAR will be bringing colour to one of the exterior walls of Portimão cemetery, near where Rua Olivença and Rua Mouzinho de Albuquerque meet.

Originally, the artist had called on locals to help him and was even planning a “preparatory workshop” on Saturday and Sunday (April 24-25). However, the event was cancelled after Portimão was forced to ‘take a step back’ in its emergence from lockdown.

The painting of the mural will take place between Monday and Thursday (April 26-29) as originally planned, but the artist will now be working alone.

“Born in 1974, Gonçalo MAR has vast experience as a graffiti artist and specialises in developing works of this kind. He has committed to take inspiration from the town’s characteristic elements, which he will give his own unique twist, strongly inspired by comic books and animation,” said Portimão Council.

This is not the first time Gonçalo MAR will be working with the local council, having already painted a mural at Jardim das Águas Vivas last year.

Both initiatives are organised by the local council with the help of Lagos’ creative activities laboratory (LAC).

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Cardosas wall
Cemetery wall
Jardim das Águas Vivas, Portimão, work by Gonçalo MAR
Jardim das Águas Vivas, Portimão, work by Gonçalo MAR