Stray dogs

Dear Editor,

Stray dogs are a very emotive subject in the Algarve but I have to write to let you know that I am sick of people feeding them and feeling that they are doing a good thing.

I would perhaps go even so far as to suggest that people who feed stray dogs should be prosecuted.

Why do people think that it is acceptable to feed an animal and in some cases, even put collars on them then simply walk away to leave the dogs to bark and defecate outside somebody else’s home?

Is it kind to feed a dog and pet it for a few minutes each day to then walk back to your warm home and leave it to be somebody else’s problem?

I am the last person to want to see a dog without a home but as someone who has to endure the barking, vermin attracted to food left out for the dogs and excrement that myself and my children need to dodge on a daily basis, perhaps the answer to the problem is for the Câmara to round up all these dogs once and for all.

LUÍS SANTOS, by email