Stray dog hunting

In a shocking incident that took place near Odelouca recently, Glenis Vowles’ dog, Sooty, was shot while out on a walk. He later died from massive internal bleeding.

Speaking to The Resident, it is clear that Glenis is still in complete shock. She remembers with distress what happened to her 10-month-old dog, who she had nurtured since he arrived on her doorstep as a puppy. “I was taking a walk on my neighbours’ land, with their permission, and heard a car stop nearby,” she remembers. “I called for my dogs, Sooty and Geisha, to come to me and then heard a really loud shot. Once I had crested the hill, I saw Sooty lying on the ground. Then I noticed a man throw his hands up in the air, run to his car and drive away.” Because of the man’s exasperated reaction, Glenis believes that it was not his intention to shoot a homed dog, and that he was actually targeting strays.

Whatever the man’s intentions, he did not stop to help and Glenis was left on her own with one healthy puppy and one yelping in agony on the floor. “I tried to carry Sooty,” she explains, “but he was too heavy, so I made sure he was comfortable and went for help.”

Eventually, Glenis managed to get her dying dog to Dr. James Cagney at his surgery in Odiáxere, where he died as a result of the gun shot wound. Dr. Cagney performed a post mortem on Sooty and discovered that the bullet was from a rifle. Armed with a description of the man and his vehicle, Glenis went to the Silves GNR station, where the duty officers were distressed to hear of the incident and keen to help.

Glenis and her neighbours have a strong suspicion of the identity of the stray dog and have informed the GNR. The officers went to the field where the incident happened but, as yet, have insufficient evidence to act. The case continues.

Glenis is planning to return home to the UK for a five-month period later in the year and was intending to leave both the dogs together at a kennel. However, Glenis now feels the best thing for Geisha – pictured here – is to re-home her. She is around 15 months old and has been spayed. Geisha is a little weary, as she has been very distressed by the recent occurrence, but she is a sweet dog and Glenis wants her to feel safe in a new home. She is looking for an understanding owner with plenty of patience.

• If you would like to help Geisha recover from her recent trauma and give her a loving home, please call Glenis on 282 444 476.