Stray dog finally settles

Readers who followed the story of Marcha, the heavily pregnant dog rescued from Intermarché by Happyhounds in February, will be pleased to hear that her last puppy, Mitch, has finally been homed and is happily settled. Marcha is now known as Micha and is happy with kennel-owner Sandy. Michelle from Happyhounds says: “I am forever in Sandy’s debt. Micha is one of those dogs that will probably never be homed into a normal house, but she is happy now with Sandy, living a life that she enjoys.” According to Michelle, she does sometimes interact with Sandy and her dogs and even steps into the house from time to time, but she’s an independent dog and keeps to herself. Anyone interested in finding out more about Happyhounds or in homing a cat or dog, should call Michelle on 919 457 263 or email [email protected]