Stray cat sterilization drive in Vila do Bispo

Vila do Bispo council is working with animal association Animais de Rua to sterilise the municipality’s stray cat populations as well as pet cats owned by families with “proven economic difficulties”.

Their project follows the C-E-D method (Capture, Sterilise and Release), considered to be “the only ethical and effective way of controlling cat populations”.

To make sure that the cats are in good health, they are also being dewormed, treated if they are sick and marked with a “small cut on their left ear – the international sign for a sterilised animal”.

In a statement, the council says that “several colonies have already been sterilised” and released back onto the street.

An awareness campaign is also being carried out, focusing on animal rights and the work conducted by local animal associations, as well as an animal food drive at local schools.

Any extra information about these initiatives can be obtained via telephone.

282 630 600