Strategic airport rethink: government opts for Montijo and Alcochete

Montijo to be ‘complement’ with Alcochete taking over from current Lisbon airport

A flurry of ‘all change’ today is being announced regarding Lisbon’s saturated Humberto Delgado airport.

After years in which the less than ideal solution of Montijo has been kicked from pillar to post, it now looks as if Montijo WILL be used, as a kind of ‘stand-in’ complementary airport while a more long-term solution is created in Alcochete.

Lisbon’s current Humberto Delgado airport – already viewed as one of the ‘worst in the world’ due to its age, limited capacity and logistical issues – will slowly be phased out; the idea being that it will be closed down totally by 2035 when Alcochete is fully completed.

The news has been broken by negociosonline, which explains the government has decided against the strategic environmental impact study into Montijo, which would have cost another €2 billion.

It is looking as if the government has accepted Montijo’s ‘limitations’. Reports today are explaining it can only feasibly accommodate one runway, “for environmental reasons”.

Officially, the ministry of infrastructures is saying ‘wait for the news’, but sources are suggesting the government will now be launching a new tender for new environmental studies.

Hopes are that low-cost airlines can be ‘moved to Montijo’, ideally before the end of the current legislature, says eco online.

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