Stranded boat in Praia Grande
Photo: Luís Alberto

Stranded boat to be removed from Ferragudo’s Praia Grande

Preparations are underway to remove at least one of the boats which are stranded on Praia Grande in Ferragudo, Lagoa.

The largest boat of the three – a 35-metre long pleasure craft which washed up on the beach along with a smaller sailboat on January 17 – has been surrounded by piles of sand using backhoes by a company hired by the boat’s owner – the goal being to ensure it does not overturn due to the upcoming storm which is being forecast in the coming days, Ferragudo parish council president Luís Alberto told the Resident.

Once the storm has passed, the plan is to finally move forward with the boat’s removal, likely around February 13 or 14 when favourable tides are expected, the parish president said.

Although the beach is under the jurisdiction of maritime police, Luís Alberto said that he has been told that the other boats that remain stranded at the beach – two smaller sailboats – are also expected to be removed soon.

By Michael Bruxo

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