Storms hit charity animal shelter

Fifteen dogs, all rescued by the Associação Bamboo in Guadalupe, Budens, were made homeless by the heavy winds and rain during the torrential storms on Friday.

A 40sqm wooden chalet, which was the housing for 15 of the dogs, was destroyed during the horrific storms. The roof was torn off and blown through a three metre high metal fence: nothing was left to rebuild the shelter. 

Bewildered, disorientated, but unhurt, the dogs were left homeless. The team of volunteers at the shelter helped clean up the debris and make temporary housing for the dogs.

This is a big financial set back for the Associação Bamboo. Any donations would be gratefully received and can be made payable to the Associação Bamboo. Postal address: Apatardo 267, 8601-928 Luz, Algarve, Portugal, call Nana on 282 788 345, Graham on 916 290 796 or visit