Storm Oscar causes various upsets in Madeira and Azores; on way to mainland

Planes cancelled, areas flooded, trees fallen

Storm Oscar has caused a considerable degree of havoc in Madeira and Azores, but no injuries to people.

The depression that is on its way to the mainland (albeit unlikely to cause similar damages) has seen planes cancelled, localised flooding and fallen trees.

An orange warning remains in place in certain areas – and one house in Madeira suffered a partially collapsed roof due to heavy rain, leading to the occupant requiring temporary evacuation.

“The largest number of occurrences were registered in Funchal, Santa Cruz and Machico,” said a recentupdate from the regional authority, which has warned that the storm will have an impact on rubbish collection services.

Oscar is due to arrive on the Portuguese mainland later this afternoon (at the same time it is due to batter the Canaries), at which point the recent elevated temperatures will fall and stay ‘lower than usual’ for the next few days.

With the Algarve crying out for rain, it is uncertain what kind will be arriving. The heaviest rain is expected in the north and centre of the country, say reports – and even then it won’t be on anything like the scale suffered in the archipelagos.