Storks on the cranes

Dear Editor,

I have an office in the middle of Almancil. A couple of months ago, I noticed that a pair of storks were starting to build a nest on the balancing arm of a crane working on a building site close to my office.

Apart from it being a slightly unusual location, it certainly provides the storks with a panoramic – and moving – view of the surrounding buildings.

As the weeks passed, the nest took shape and the couple could be seen making themselves very much at home.

Yesterday morning I saw a man climb the crane – while the storks were not at home – and throw out some of the nesting material.

Another man was at the nest this morning, cleaning it out and taping it off.

Isn’t it illegal to disturb nesting storks?

It must have been obvious to the building contractors that the birds were building a nest – if they wanted to dissuade the nesting pair, why not do it much earlier in the process and not when everything is complete and – presumably – eggs are about to be laid?

I know that this is “only” a pair of storks, but it typifies the approach to so many things – if it is in the way of “progress”, let’s just get rid of it. And, judging by what “progress” has produced so far, I would say that, personally, using a crane as a home for storks is a far better use for it than creating yet another concrete block!

Judy Sharp, By email